Bruce and Cynthia live on the west coast of Florida.

Bruce was once a writer by trade and inclination; now he's a shiftless beach bum. While his dream of becoming a professional musician when he grew up was out of reach for one of his limitless indolence, for him music has always been a bright buoy in the roiling sea of life.

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Exceptions: Hurricane Frances (NASA), the Bartleby cover (Simon and Schuster), Nicole Kidman (, Bucky Katt (Darby Conley), the bear (, and the cheetah (Pravda).

Contents under pressure. Do not mix with other household products.

Cynthia is a registered sales assistant in an elite arm of a certain diversified holding firm big enough to have its name on an NFL stadium.

Jazz is a cat, or possibly a small bear, who finagled his way into our household by pretending to be a desperate but docile kitten.

Rikki is a cat, or possibly a small cheetah, who can jump five feet straight up from a standing start if she glimpses a delicate mote of dust WHICH MUST BE KILLED illuminated vaguely in the sunset glow and floating five feet off the floor on the other side of the window.